Bull & Satchel, Rosendal

Bull & Satchel

Bull & Satchel was established in 2019 when a hobby had everyone lining up for their own piece of handcrafted leather. Hobby turned into a one-man-band business, and later on into a two-man studio producing a range of artisanal full grain leather goods. The craftsmen pride ourselves on offering superior artisanal leather items for everyday use. They use only ethically sourced 100% leather. All products are hand cut and crafted, with good old elbow grease to burnish the edges and round off these exceptional products.

Dewald Martens, artisan

Dewald Martens

Dewald is a skilled artisan who specialises in the intricate art of warm-glass craft. He expertly manipulates recycled window glass, breathing new life into discarded materials. Through a process of heating and shaping, Dewald employs the technique of slumping to create glass objects that exude both beauty and sustainability.

Fey Craft, cosmetics

Fey Craft

Home-grown cosmetics and beauty products, handmade in small batches, Fey Craft was inspired by local South African oils. Rosendal was the starting point for a search of what ingredients could be found in the Free State. Clocolan, Bloemfontein, and Clarens offer some of the best essential oils, carrier oils, and hydrosols available, and beekeepers in the area provide the beeswax used in many of the products. The search extended to the Cape, and Riebeek Kasteel offered up one of the favourite essential oils – Cape Snow Bush, which has a distinctive fynbos scent. Fey Craft uses natural and organic ingredients, if the name of an ingredient sounds like it’s been made in a factory, they ensure that it’s listed by Ecocert or Cosmos (organisations that vouch for products being kind to your skin and the planet). Fey Craft offers a capsule range that has grown organically, so to speak.

The Free State Design Company

The Free State Design Company

The Free State Design Company creates beautiful furniture and objets based on sparse, comfortable designs manufactured by local artisans. Bespoke designs available, we are open to a conversation about anything you wish. Delivery to Johannesburg.

Zaria De Villiers Martens, multi-media artist

Zaria de Villiers Martens

Zaria is a well-known South African multi-media artist who discovered Rosendal in 2001. Her work includes painting, mosaics, pottery, spinning, weaving and hand-painted yarns.  Zaria is still challenged by the discovery and practice of new mediums. Her saying; “Wie’s bang?” makes her a truly multi-media artist.  She now works primarily as a Fibre artist producing art that is both functional and wearable.

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